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Beni Ouarain

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vintage and RARE Beni Ouarain carpet.
Handmade Berber carpet from the Beni Ouarain berber tribes.
Composition, wool on wool, medium/long pile
Size, 190 x 270 cm
Article no. MO-NAJ.10.10.14-07

TRANSPORT IS NOT INCLUDED ON THIS PRODUCT! Ask for it!All our carpets are checked and cleaned before transport.

This beautiful carpet is a real eye catcher with the soft red color blend! 
Beni Ouarain carpets are produced in the middle Atlas and they have a unique shimmer to the wool that can only be found in this region. 
Originally used as matras and cover explains why most of the carpets are small (160 cm) and very long. 
It are very heavy and extremely well isolating carpets, made of natural white wool with motives in black or brown natural wool. The white wool my get golden reflections as it ages. 
To find Beni Ouarain carpets with colors of orange, violet and red is very rare! 
Beni Ouarain carpets have been inspiring artists and lovers of design over the years. Le Corbusier was a big admirer of these pieces of art.

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